Changing ODBC Connection to add Unicode Support disables all DTSs with the connection

We had someone enter an address on our website using Kanji, which caused the DTS to die an inglorious death. After spending 1/2 a day thinking it was the Kanji in the XML message, I figured out it was a seek step doing a lookup to validate the Region code in our ERP (which had been entered in Kanji). So I happily checked the "Support Unicode data" checkbox in the ODBC connection, which promptly disabled all the DTSs with that connection.


I tried opening a DTS and saving it to a new name, but that doesn't resolve the issue (the Test and Run buttons are still grayed out). Short of re-adding all the steps in all the DTSs that use that connection, what can I do to enable Unicode support on an existing ODBC connection?


This isn't the end of the world, I have 2 or 3 DTSs that need the Unicode support, so I could create a 2nd copy for now and slowly migrate everything to the new Unicode enabled connection. Just hoping there is a "work smarter" way to get this working.