CIS 7.0.3 Hotfix 17 is now available

Hi Everyone,

CIS 7.0.3 Hotfix 17 is now available via our support channels.  For a list of issues addressed in this hotfix please see below.

Priority Issue Type Key Component/s Release Note
P0 Bug CIS-59178 Server - Query Engine Query engine no longer replaces left outer join with an inner join when using UNION's on multiple views with the UNION node pruning optimization enabled.
P0 Bug CIS-60314 Server - Query Engine Sort merge algorithm no longer produces incorrect ordering in certain cases
P1 Bug CIS-45040 Server - Query Engine Server now allows DATA_TYPE_OTHER as the output parameter of a CJP when running validation. Setting CJP validation to "false" in "Studio > Administration > Configuration > Server > Configuration > debug" will bypass the validation and error. So also add logging in the case that the CJP is deemed invalid so that the user will understand the error message.

"CJP Validation returned:<reason> CJP Validation configuration may be set to false to avoid this check, but results are not guaranteed."

P1 Bug CIS-59212 UI - Studio Virtual DB resource with a large amount of resources (more than 4096 objects) will now open in Studio.
P1 Bug CIS-59726 Security Special characters are now escaped in LDAP DSN names
P1 Bug CIS-59776 Server - Data Sources LDAP authentication is now supported for MongoDB adapter.
P1 Bug CIS-59816 Server - Data Sources There is a new refresh of the MongoDB adapter that corrected issues with the MongoDB adapter where the content of some tables were not visible.
P1 Bug CIS-60152 Security Web Monitor traffic now uses HTTPS
P1 Bug CIS-60162 Server - Data Sources, Server - SOA REST data source can now handle duplicate HTTP headers as input/output parameters.
P1 Bug CIS-60339 Security LDAP user is now able to log into Web Manager if password length is greater than 15 chars. This was a regression issue introduced in If you applied Hotfix 14, it is recommended you upgrade to Hotfix 17.
P1 Bug CIS-60597 Release The composite_dump utility is now included with the hotfix files.
P1 Bug CIS-60809 Security Fixed issues logging into CIS Monitor.
P1 Bug CIS-60939 UI - Studio Definition Set constant values can now be properly removed.
P2 Bug CIS-57595 UI - Studio Performance is improved when using "Save to file" functionality for a CSV file.
P2 Bug CIS-58615 Server - Data Sources GoogleAdWords adapter now supports NOT LIKE syntax
P2 Bug CIS-58813 Server GetColumnDependencies() now displays COALESCE in derivations column
P2 Bug CIS-58901 Driver - ADO.NET, Security Lengthy passwords (more than 15 characters) in ADO.NET no longer cause a decryption exception (padding error) on the server
P2 Bug CIS-59434 Interface - Web API This fix properly decodes the plus (+) character as a space in a CIS published REST service URL query string. A plus (+) character that does not designate a space must be percent-encoded in the query string as %2B. This also fixes the workaround for specifying the ampersand (&) character in a query string as %2526. The ampersand character can now be encoded simply as %26.
P2 Bug CIS-59461 Server - Data Sources Server now has the ability to change resource owner on non-ODBC MS Excel data sources
P2 Bug CIS-59635 UI - Studio This fix addresses the error which would constantly pop up if a user logged in and did not have read permissions to a data source in the folder being expanded.

"User "access_only/composite" has insufficient privileges to access /services/databases/test_view". User has no privileges for that resource. The required access is READ [repository-1900300]

P2 Bug CIS-59864 Server - Caching Server now allows INSERT/SELECT native loading of caches that include other cached resources if those resources are in the same data source.
P2 Bug CIS-59871 Server - Data Sources Server no longer throws a NPE on getChildResources. When sending a web response there is now a check to return an empty list if an attribute-value is null.
P2 Bug CIS-59891 UI - Studio Server restart button in Studio's Server Overview panel is no longer grayed out after server restart.
P2 Bug CIS-59892 Server - Data Sources XML_Extract now works with the MongoDB Adapter
P2 Bug CIS-59912 Server - Data Sources Server now allows redirect status for 3xx warnings with REST data source for further handling.
P2 Bug CIS-60531 Server The CURRENT_TIME function now returns an updated timestamp when invoked more than once in a procedure.
P2 Bug CIS-60599 UI - Studio System event 'Resource Create' is now propagated to Custom Event Handler when resource is created via copy/paste operation in Studio
P2 Bug CIS-60665 Server - Query Engine Overflow error no longer occurs in minus function returning a BIGINT
P3 Bug CIS-59649 UI - Studio Studio connection to the server is now re-established if network connection is restored on the client.
P1 Improvement CIS-59402 Server - Data Sources New improvements to Google Big Query Adapter.
P1 Improvement CIS-60553 Server - Data Sources New improvements to DynamoDB Adapter
P2 Improvement CIS-58893 Server - Query Engine Query engine now supports push-down of Group Bys over Unions when applicable
P1 Bug BD-4076 Server Add Site operation in Business Directory now works if published web service has out parameter style as 'BARE'
P1 Bug BD-4499 Security, Server, UI Directories for exposed URLs are no longer browsable on the Business Directory server.
P1 Bug BD-4511 Repository NullPointerException no longer happens during a site is refreshed in Business Directory under specific circumstances.
P1 Bug BD-4514 Server IndexOutOfBoundsException no longer occurs in the Business Directory when refreshing site in a specific scenario
P2 Bug BD-4146 Security

Insufficient Privileges error in Business Directory no longer occurs for Data Load / Preview when user hasn't logged into CIS first.

As always, please let us know if there are any questions.


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