CIS 7.0.4 Hotfix 04 fixed issue list


CIS 7.0.4 Hotfix 04 was released last week.  Here is the list of issues that have been addressed in the hotfix.  Please contact support to download the hotfix.


Issue Type Key Component/s Release Note
Bug CIS-64511 Server - Query Engine Wrong Results: PARSE_TIMESTAMP function was returning incorrect results when the hour was set to 12.
Bug CIS-64086 Driver - ODBC The CIS ODBC Driver now reports the ODBC compliant level 3 data code (# 93) for TIMESTAMP columns in a result set instead of the incorrect code # 11 when an Oracle Gateway connection is used.
Bug CIS-64479 Server - Data Sources The LIKE clause no longer fails when using the customer adapter framework for a DB2 iSeries custom adapter.
Bug CIS-64499 Server With the 7.0.4 GA release, some cases were found where the max sessions and max requests parameters were not enforced. This has been corrected in HF 04.
Bug CIS-63904 Server Related to CIS-64499, Max sessions parameter will now be enforced so requests will be properly released and the pre-fetch queue will not max out.
Bug CIS-63642 Server Connections now properly timeout after no data is received in a given duration while using either telnet or openssl s_client utilites
Bug CIS-63631 Security LDAP groups will no longer be deleted if a sync request comes back empty or if there are users or sub groups in the LDAP group.
Bug CIS-63295 Server - SOA Published web services will now work when output xml value includes xmlns="" as attribute.
Bug CIS-63062 Driver - ADO.NET, Security Denial of Service Attack against CIS using are prevented so that TCP ports will not be established with an incorrect keystory password.
Bug CIS-62804 Server - Data Sources When access Microsoft Excel 97-2003 workbooks with the Excel (non-ODBC) adapter, CIS will not throw an error if there are multiple datatypes in a column.
Bug CIS-62699 Server - Transformation Engine When creating and publishing a XQuery transformation as a JSON service, data will not be truncated from random fields if querying a large amount of records.
Bug CIS-58916 UI - Studio Data source component owner, if different, can now be changed to owner of the data source itself
Bug CIS-64166 Server Further testing and support for Kerberos when IBM JDK is used
Bug CIS-64016 Server - Metrics When deleting old KPI metrics data in a cluster setup, the host and port are now included to properly delete the old metrics data.
Bug CIS-63878 Server - Query Engine REGEXP_EXTRACT results no longer vary between runs.
Bug CIS-63794 Security Internal Jetty URLS are no longer displayed in error messages.
Bug CIS-63717 Server - Data Sources jcifs-1.3.17.jar file is now included. It was missing from CIS
Bug CIS-62550 UI - Studio When a Trigger that executes a procedure is opened, the procedure values are defaulted to the proper values
Bug CIS-61187 Server - Repository A postgres repository corruption could happen when performing a if the allocated RAM was less than the Heap memory. There is now a configuration to Server > Memory > Java Heap that shows the total RAM available on the system so users won't tend to over-allocate memory to CIS.
Improvement CIS-62819 Server Session counter is now incremented only if the session is properly authenticated.
Improvement CIS-55300 Server - Transformation Engine A new option has been added to remove the namespace declarations when an Any-to-Any transformation has an XML output. There is a new configuration parameter to enable the behavior under Data Sources > Transformations > Declare Namespace in Root Element.
Improvement CIS-57292 Performance

DBChannel queuing is now enabled by default to improve performance for large data sets.



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