Client acknowledgement and Explicit client acknowledgement

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I have a confusion over functionality of client and explicit client acknowlegement modes.

Let us consider a queue have 10 requests.

case 1) using client acknowledgement, my observations are as follows while testing in designer

question 1) each request is processing one after another, confirmed by setting breakpoint before confirm activity.

But in ems user guide it is mentioned like, consumer is to acknowledge all messages that have been delivered so far by the session.

If this statement is true, how can we test that multiple requests can be confirmed at a time by a session.

case2)  using explicit acknowledgement mode, all requests are processed at a time.

question1) Based on which parameter does no of parallel requests depends.

If it is no of threads of a bw engine then,

if i use client acknowledgement mode, what is the affect of no of threads .

question 3) how can we determine which acknowledgement mode gives faster performance as client acknowledgement mode can have multiple sessions but processing one request at a time and explicit client ack mode has one session but can process multiple instances.

Please help me in understanding the working functionality of these two acknowledgement modes.

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