CLOSED: Errors Prevent Launch of New Spotfire Servers on AWS

Hi, I have launched two separate instances of Spotfire 7.8.1 on AWS over the last week.  The instance type was m4.large in U.S. East availability zone with all IP's and ports configured to be open.

The first issue I encountered is that the launch process fails due an illegal character in the description.  I removed the registered trademark symbol that followed the "Spotfire" text and the launch process was able to proceed.

However, after completing the launch process on two seperate occassions, I was unable to connect to the instance using the instructions provided in the documentation which I have cut and pasted below:

7.8.1 Usage Instructions for TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics Platform (Hourly)

The password for all Spotfire related accounts is automatically set to the instance ID. The main Spotfire Administrator account is spotfireadmin and once the instance is initialized and ready, you can access Spotfire in two ways: - Spotfire Analyst client via Remote Desktop Connection Connect to the instance as you would any other Windows EC2 instance. Once logged in, double-click the TIBCO Spotfire icon and login with the spotfireadmin account. - Web Browser Determine the Public DNS for the instance and go to http://<Public DNS>/Spotfire . Once you see the login prompt, log in with the spotfireadmin account. TIBCO Spotfire cannot be used in the Global Research Market (GRM) or Clinical Research Market (CRM). By accepting the EULA, the customer certifies that TIBCO Spotfire will not be used in the GRM or CRM.

Can anyone confirm that the current instances available on AWS are fully functional?  If yes, what instance type, availability zone and ip/port security configuration are you using?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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Can someone from TIBCO Spotfire AWS respond to this issue.  It has been several days.

Thanks in advance.


sfluvr - Jun 14, 2017 - 10:26am ::
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