Color bars depending on column value

Hello all,

I have several columns with names "1", "2", "3", each of them has values "A", "B", "C" randomly, sometimes they dont have values. I want to use color for each bar depending on the value A, B or C, so A=green, B=blue, C=red for each bar. When I do "Color by" and take any column for it, the logic is as follows: 

 I do color by "column 1". If column 1 has value "a" while column 2 has any value => green. If column 1 has no value, but column 2 has => "empty". Otherwise - other colours. 

I don't want colour to depend on some particular column, but only on values in each column themselves. as a result I want to see smth as on a file attached  ( there are 2 value names for all the columns). 


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