Columns from External Data does not refresh the Ondemand DataTable


I have 2 datatables DT1 and DT2. I am using Column from External Data on Spotfire Client to add few columns from DT2 to DT1. The infolinks used to generate are both ondemand using one date property.

But what I see is that if I alone get the DT1 and DT2 without joining using external data, then the data gets in both the tables, but when I am using the Column from External data to add to DT1 it returns with no rows (DT1 and DT2 have Inner Join on one column).

But if I refresh the data table DT1, it gets refreshed, I check with tibco support and they said that it is limitation that when using ondemand infolinks and column from external data it does not brings or does the joining unless we refresh the datatable explicitly.

Now, my requirement is like that I don't have to provide the any refresh button to the user on spotfire analysis, but on the same time I need to refresh the data table due to this limitation.

So, could anybody help me on this issue please?


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