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Combinated charts: Plot axis on different filter



I am new to Spot, and I am stuck on an issue.


- I have KPI for each country which represents rate of sales > 100€ for this country, per month

- I have a global KPI which represents rate of sales > 100€ globalised on all countries, averaged, per month


I now want a combinated chart, which displays, when i click on acountry:

- an histogram for this country which details the rate per month. 

- a line which place the global rate per month, to have a comparative point of view.


I managed to have both separately, but not combined, because it is the same KPI (rate of sales > 100€), with different filters (first axis: the country, second axis: globalised)

How can I manage that?

Thanks for answers

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Gaia Paolini - Jun 22, 2022 - 1:59am
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