Combination Chart - displaying lines for series

Hello !

I need some help again ... I've got a combination with these expressions : 

YAxis : Sum([Sales]) as [Sales], count() as [CNT]

XAxis : <Country>

ColorAxis : <[Axis.Default.Names]>

I want to change the SerieType only for the CNT so here is the script that work :

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import CombinationChart,CombinationChartSeriesType

vc = visual.As[CombinationChart]()
vc.SeriesType =  CombinationChartSeriesType.Bar
vc.IndexedSeriesType.Item["CNT"] = CombinationChartSeriesType.Line

Now harder, i want to compare with the last month that is filtered, so i change this expression :

ColorAxis : <[Axis.Default.Names] NEST [Month]>

It seems to work because i can see in the legend :

(bars) Sales >> September
(bars) Sales >> October

(line) CNT >> September
(line) CNT >> October

but the combination chart doesn't update and it displays only bars

I Have to click on "Line" that is already checked in the series properties to see the change.

Do you have the solution ?


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