Compare two tables data with same column name

Hello ,

I am trying to create report which is pointing to 2 different datassource. Where i want to compare values for those tables in both schema.

There are 26 table in both schema i have created information link for all tables.

Schema A table 1 and schema B Table 1 is having same column, my objective is to compare data(values) in table and find missing one.

What i already did - in Datacanvase i have combined rows for both table by matching column.

Where i know 'New Data' and 'Original Data' and i know number of difference in both table.

In attached img. you can see that for 'ABORT' action code there are for new -578 and for Old-589 rows so 11 rows are missing. 

I wanted to know which 11 rows are missing in new data.

Or is there any other approch i can take .

Please advice

Kind Regards

Om Joshi



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