Comparing Dates In Formula

I am new to Scribe and am trying to write a formula to compare a date to 2 other date and if it falls between them, capture a value form another filed. However each time I do, my formula evelautes to false and I get no result. I am sure it is my syntax, but can't find anything in the Help files that really explain the syntax used for date comparison.

Here is my formula... if(S1>=01/01/2009,if(S1<=12/31/2009,S4,0),0). When S1 has a value of 10/21/2009 I get 0 back in the Test window.

If i write the formula as (if(S1>=01/01/2009,S4,0) and look at it in the Test window I get 7.75 which is the value of S4 back.

Not sure if it helps, but the source is a CRM Dynamics Adapter.

Thanks for your help!

Posted by Jim L. on Sep 30 2010 3:48PM { U1943 , F8 , T1565 , C4684 }

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