Comparing Differing Values Across Different Tables


Lets say that I have two tables: T1 has a column that records all of the measured depth values associated with a well name, and T2 has a column of depth values that describe a characteristic (such as fluid level). I am trying to color all of the measured depth values in a T1 visualization that are less than the max depth in T2 that is associated with the selected well name. 

These depth values do not match, and the columns are different lengths, but each table has a column that matches well identifiers. I would imagine that there would be some way to insert a calculated column in T1 with a boolean value from whether measured depth is less than or greater than the max depth value (well by well) from T2....

Where do I start?




Edit: Since I am only trying to reference 1 value (max fluid depth) from T2, would this be easier to do by creating a property that updates with the selected well to create a calculated column?

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