"Compensate for missing values | Time Series"

Dear Spotfire community,

I am trying to visualize time-series data where I know the starting and ending date for an event and the percentage resources it consumed (a constant quantity) throughout this time interval. For example, in the screenshot below, event "ID217" consumed around 4% of the resources from 25th of August to 14th of September.

ID217 Percentage Resources Utilized

I am trying to get the display to fill in the same value (4%) for all the dates in between. I tried checking "Compensate for missing values" under the Appearance tab as advised here: https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire/6.5.1/doc/html/ncfe/ncfe_working_wit... but this doesn't work.


Could you please help? I am attaching the DXP I am working with as an example.

Thanks for your time!




Binary Data timeseriesdata_example.dxp206.84 KB