Configuring EMS jars for StreamBase applications: jmsconf not found



I created a bundle from a streambase project ( containing JMS input adapters ) and tried running it but i keep getting an error as :
ResourceNotFoundException: Resource "<<JMSConfig File name>>.jmsconf not found.
There is some problem with the third party libraries I am using in my project like JMS library jars.
Can someone kindly guide me in resolving this error as I have a requirement to deploy and run StreamBase project as it is of HIGH PRIORITY for us.


 [main] WARN - Error at operator: default.InputAdapter, port: 0, tuple: , exception: Adapter Exception: Init exception for InputAdapter : ResourceNotFoundException: Resource"JMSConfig.jmsconf" cannot be found in: ".:C:\Users\sramanan\AppData\Local\Temp:C:\Users\sramanan\AppData\Local\Temp\.sb-abgibhay:resources"


 [main] ERROR - Invalid deploy file deploy.sbdeploy: Init exception for InputAdapter : ResourceNotFoundException: Resource "JMSConfig.jmsconf" cannot be found in: ".:C:\Users\sramanan\AppData\Local\Temp:C:\Users\sramanan\AppData\Local\Temp\.sb-abgibhay:resources"

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