Confusion re Participant Simulation Results

Dear Community,

I am struggling to understand how the values for Participants are calculated in the Scenario Results View.

The scenario is as follows:

- 150 Start Events for the Simulation (with a constant period of 5 mins)

Summary Results:

Total Simulation Time = 7326.75

Started Cases = 150

Finished Cases = 150

Average Case Time = 2154.8402

Min Case Time = 16.7500

Max Case Time = 6836.7500

- I have a particular step in the process for which a single participant is allocated (and that participant is not used for any other steps in the process).

- The simulation time for the step in question is set to 165s (constant).

- From the simulation results, 144 of the 150 cases went through this particular step.

Therefore, I assume that total utilized time for this participant is 144*165s = 23,760 secs (396 mins)

At the end of the simulation the red participant utilization bar sits at 27% for this step.

The results for this participant in the simulation results are:

Average Idle Count = 0.1483

Average Idle Time = 1080.75

Given that the total simulation time was 7326.75 mins and the total time the participant should have been busy is 396 mins, I am quite baffled as to where the idle count of 0.1483 and idle time of 1080.75 come from.  I would expect idle time to be 7326 - 396 = 6930

Could anybody help me understand how the participant simulation results are calculated?

Many thanks for any assistance.


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