Connection issues with old/new CRM adapter

Our company is moving to use CRM365 online. We currently have Scribe 7.8 installed on our Scribe Production server and I tried to connect to our online with the workbench but I get the following error - Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved.


So I decided to update the adapter which also means that I had to update Scribe. I did this on our dev box. Now I am able to connect to the online instance but now I cannot connect to our on prem. I get the following error - The authentication endpoint Username was not found on the configured Secure Token Service!


I had my IT guy try some things but no luck. So I decided to revert back to 7.8 on our dev server and I am able to connect to our on prem again but not online.


I am stuck at the moment because what I see from what I have tried there is something that I am doing wrong with 7.9 that is causing my ability to connect to on prem to not work.




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