connector does not show Member fields

I am developing a SYS-connector for navision, we create objectdefinitions and property-definitions and set the property 'UsedInLookupCondition' to true for several fields.

(documentation is very unclear on which property on PropertyDefinition is for what in the mapping/selection screens in Scribe Online, i will add that as an idea).

Now, when i use the connector and refresh metadata and then try to setup connections in Scribe Online, metadataprovider is refreshed but I keep an empty 'Match fields' combobox.

Test-methods show that i have properties on the selected entity with UsedInLookupCondition=true, Logging shows no errors. What am i missing?

Posted by Bart J. on Apr 3 2012 2:17PM { U3074 , F40 , T2513 , C8207 }

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