Consolidated setup of Node Managers

Hi there!

We're trying to build the consolidated setup of the Spotfire environment, and we want two or more Spotfire Node Managers on the same machine, OS is Windows.

It is understood that we have to choose a different ports so all the instances won't overlap, but there is another issue.

It seems that NM instance installs its own certificate and overwrites all others, so only its servises can communicate with the server, all other NMs are getting errors of wrong certificate during https communication. We're able to solve it just by exporting the certificates and install them manually after the latest NM has been started, then it works for all NMs. But this is too manual and human intervention is required.

Why the NMs require different certificates for their communications? Do they remove others certificates for a purpose?

Is there a way to provide a single certificate for all of them, or ask them to not overwrite others?


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