Controlling the formatting of gridlines in exported bar charts


I would like to control the formatting of the X and Y-Axis gridlines in my spotfire charts (bar and line charts), especially when I need to export them. For e.g I would like to control the line width of the gridlines or offset them  so they line up with the tick marks instead of the labels etc. Is there a way to do these using python scripts?

I use Spotfire 6.5.1 and I am facing a problem because the default settings for the gridlines when I export to pdf make the chart difficult to use. 

EDITED in response to the question below:

Manually, I am only able to enable or disable gridlines in the chart.

I have attached 3 versions of a bar chart based panel below. I would like to be able to ensure that the pdf output is similar to the png file or the powerpoint output. The pdf output seems to distort the image so that gridlines in particular are much larger than they should be.


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