Count Groups of Values in One Column Based On a Second Column

Hi all,

Here I have what seems to be simple but I am stumped at the moment!

In this DXP you have three columns:

ID1, which is a unique identifier like employee number.

ID2, which is a next level grouping like sales.

Value, which is a sting that could appear under more than one "ID2" identifiers.  For instance B1.5 is under "A" and "D" identifiers.

What I need to do is get a count of how many "Values" such as B1.5 are associated with a certain ID2 value such a "A".

So value B1.5 for Identifier "A" would have a count of 10 and value B2 for identifier "D" would have a count of 3.


Thanks for ideas!!


Binary Data b-test.dxp132.68 KB

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