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I have a query that pulls all the information that I need from within a given date range. However, now I need to further filter that data. Specifically I need the counts of the rows when a different column is equal to either my inputted string or date (not the one I need to count). When I use the xpath count() though I'm getting a count of the rows when all the data equals "y", and I need the count of the data when the column equals "x" and the column I'm counting equals "y" instead.

Is there a way to use count with a condition?




EDIT: I couldn't find a specific way to do this using count() alone so I just filtered the data with 2 separate mappers then used count() twice.

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could you please explain your requirement with an example ?
Guruprasad Bhase - Nov 09, 2015 - 3:38am
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