create 1 table out of 2 within project without infolinks or insert rows / columns

Hi i would like to create 1 table out of 2 tables. The columns do not match up i just want to join both (all columns included) into one table with an action button. I have no idea where to start.

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ok so i was able to merge the 2 tables. I created the 2 tables using another R script and did a merge with the following : 

tablesMerged <- merge(returnedTable1, returnedTable2,all.x=TRUE,SORT = TRUE)

This is a full outer join. I was looking to just join the 2 tables together without a common denominator. it apprears to be matching records and spitting them out on the same line which. i was hoping they would be seperate lines. I am doing this by selection so if i select 2 rows from table 1 and 4 rows from table 2  i get 8 records returned. i just want the 6 records. any ideas?

john.wahrenberger - Dec 19, 2018 - 5:50am
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