Create a hierarchy for values in one column

I have a column with a series of value like= JAN-18, FEB-18, MAR-18, ... , Q-1-18,...Q-4-18, Y-18, Y-19 etc... I need to create a Hierarchy on Spotfire which allows users to visualize details for marked values:

Suppose I have a graph with 3 lines, each for Y-18, Y-19, Y-20.

I would like to be able to choose an Year and drill down for quarters and months. Ex: An user interested in Y-18 should be able to see Q-1-18, Q-2-18, Q-3-18, Q-4-18 data by clicking on year curve.

I thought a hierarchy would have been the best way to do this but what I see while inserting it is only columns, without the possibility to specify parameter for each column and I have only one column called "ProductType" for all this data.


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