Create a Popup Form in Text Area using Javascript and pass values to/from document property.


I need to create a popup form with Document properties as  input fileds with Buttons which will open when i click on a button.The Purpose is to select a table Row, pass those values to Forms(which in turn pass that to Document prioprties) and add/update those values to reflect back in Document properties.

I tried to create that using JS but the issue i am facing is that it even though the Document Property value changes ,it doesn't get updated in Popup because the javascript doesn't run when i select different row.

Is there a way we can make this .dailog to refresh whenever i change the marked table row.


Attached is the Dxp for reference. the popup is created at License Master page. which will open when you select a value from table and click on Open Form Button in text area


Binary Data product_sample_popupform.dxp333.14 KB