Create table visualization that responds to 2 or more "Limit Data using Markings"

Hello there,

I have a requirement to create a table visualization that responds to markings from two different visualizations (let's call them "Visualization A" and "Visualization B"). All 3 visualizations are referencing the same underlying data table.

The idea is that the table visualization acts as a kind of "Details Table".

So when I mark "Visualization A", the expectation is that both "Visualization B" and "Details Table" will display whatever data is marked from "Visualization A". Then, when I mark "Visualization B", the "Details Table" is further filtered to show only what's marked between "Visualization A" and "Visualization B".

The issue I'm having is that the end-users want both "Visualization B" and the "Details Table" to show a 'Mark items to view details here' message by default while "Visualization A" displays everything by default.

And, currently when the end-user selects an item from "Visualization A", "Visualization B" will display something but the "Details Table" will still display its 'Mark items to view details here' "because it is set to a "Rows must be included in: All markings (AND)" condition.

But what I need is for the "Details Table" to display items from "Visualization A" when "Visualization A " is marked. Then, when "Visualizaiton B" is marked, to further narrow down the rows shown in the "Details Table"

Would anyone know how to achieve this functionality? Please let me know if what I'm asking is unclear.



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