Creating: Scribe Console Users Group on Domain Controller

I have the following scenario:


When Insight 7.6 running on a standalone server joined to a domain and everything was fine.


Now that server was promoted to a Domain controller and all local users and groups are no longer in existence, the console cannot connect to the local site.


I get::


Communications test unsatisfactory, connection failed. Error on GetSiteInfo Error setting client. Permission denied Verify that your Windows user account is a member of the Scribe Console Users Group. Note: Changes to a Users Group requires a logout/login to apply changes.


What have tried:


I made all scribe services run under domain user account with same access as Administrator.


I followed the steps outlined in I can't connect my remote Scribe Console to my Scribe server. What can I do to get this working? (


Still no go.


Posted by todor p. on Mar 12 2013 7:58PM { U3829 , F8 , T3031 , C9751 }

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