Creating a Scribe Online Rest WebServices connector – WooCommerce RestAPI - how to pass 2 parameters in query for Authorization?

I’ve created a Swagger file for WooCommerce to setup as a scribe connector and need to pass 2 parameters in the query to Authorize my user.  I have a Consumer_Key and Consumer_Secret.  I am able to see data in Postman when I use OAuth1.0, however, Scribe Online does not seem to support OAuth1.0.  As shown in the screen shot below, this OAuth1.0 DOES have response of data with the “Add authorization data to: Request Body/Request URL” selected.  (The screen shots show inaccurate key/secret and “domain” to protect the customer.)

In Postman, using BasicAuth does NOT give data response as shown in second screen shot.  (Again, the keys and domain have been changed to protect the customer.) 

I’ve tried to get an end result of the following URL with no success in Scribe Online connector. This is per

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated on how to get Scribe Online to Authenticate to WooCommerce API as I can do in Postman.  

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