Creating a 'show/hide' filter using the drop down property control



Im struggling to get to grips with the basics of property controls and hope someone here can help provide an answer.

I want to create a filter with a simple tick box which then excludes a certain value (o) from line graphs. I have managed to create a 'show/hide' item under the visualisation properties:

Rule type Column: AGE        Rule type=  "Equal to"   Value = 0  --> "Hide Item" when this rule is matched


But I want this to be an option in my text area filters, essentially giving the descision of this show/hide item to the user rather than having it fixed. I have managed to effectively create this filter using a calculated column with an active expression. I just wondered if there is another way of simply 'moving' a show/hide over to the filters.

The graphs plot depth with time. Does this require an html or python script? Any help greatly appreciated!


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