Creating SOP Payment in GP

I'm at my wit's end here. I am attempting to create a SOP Payment in GP and apply it to a SOP Sales Invoice (that has not been posted yet). The Sales Invoice was created earlier in the map and I can see it in GP. I would like to then create a cash payment and apply it.

I am using the SQL Server Connector and then attempting to execute the stored procedure taCreateSopPaymentInsertRecord. I've tried this with an Action of 1 (new payment) and I continually get an error of "The given key was not present in the dictionary." I have looked in the scribe agent log files and the SQL Profiler. It appears it has to do with the SOPNUMBE but whether I supply it or not in the block, I cannot get this to work.

Does anyone have any insight how to get this to work using the stored procedure? There really isn't another option because this entity does not exist in the GP Connector.

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