Creating/Updating Salesforce Order

Has anyone successfully created/updated Salesforce Order objects using Scribe Online?


As part of my Integration Map, I need to create (or update) an Order object in Salesforce and also an OrderItem. However, my job tends to fail when trying to set the Status and StatusCode fields on the Order - when a new Order is being created. (I haven't gotten an Order into Salesforce yet, so not able to work with an Order update.)


When I query the Order table, I see values for Open (Status) and D (StatusCode) or Delivered (Status) and A (StatusCode), but it doesn't appear that I can set these fields using Scribe using String values of "Open" "D" or "Delivered" "A" (respectively). I also do not see how I can query the metadata using the Scribe Salesforce connector, in an attempt to get the object values programmatically (like I would using Apex).


I am very new to Scribe, so I might be doing something really wrong here. I apologize if this is a rookie-level question. After spending some time over the weekend, I just cannot locate a way to have new Orders and OrderItem records created from my Scribe Integration Map.


Thank you for your time!


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