CRM not displaying all workflow emails in iframe

I have a question regarding how the analytics data is displayed in CRM for the 'HubSpot Workflows' section. We're still using CRM2011 by the way...


The integration configuration between CRM and HubSpot was all pretty much configured when we first set up the integration between the systems. This was done using a ‘starter pack’ that Scribe supplied. So, apart from 1-2 very minor changes, we’ve not altered the starter pack since it was configured; we've not ammneded the code added to CRM either at all.


There is code that fires off when the Contact record window opens in CRM to pull the data and to fill the ‘HubSpot Workflows’ iFrame. In our case it takes a value 'Profile URL' stored against the Contact record and appends 'automation-embed' to the end of the URL.


The constructed url resolves correctly and points to the correct user record in HubSpot.


If we put that url into the browser, it only returns the same few (3 as a cited example) emails as displayed from within the CRM contact record. However, if you remove the ‘automation-embed’ switch at the end of the url string, it returns all of the emails as expected.


Why does the starter pack use the ‘automation-embed’ url switch? What is the purpose of it? Is it meant to limit the number of records to display in CRM? What would be the impact of removing the url switch - it will obviously bring back more data...


Thanks in advance.