CRM Sales Order Pricing Calculation

Hi there,

I am using Scribe CRM Adapter 5.5.1 and CRM 2015 Update 0.1.
We're integrating Sales Orders from NAV to CRM using a publisher/queue based approach.

The logic of the DTS is taken from the CRM NAV template and roughly works as follows:

1. Create sales order header

2. for each line create a salesorderdetail

3. Update header with the overall amounts, etc.

I found out that the CRM pricing calculations trigger for the orders that I create which messes up the data because of rounding errors.
This is the case despite the fact that step 3 updates the header with the values as given in the integration message.
These are written to the salesorder but seemingly get overridden by the CRMs price calculation functionality.

I then disabled the System Setting for CRM pricing calculation (System Settings / Sales / Set pricing calculation preference : Use system pricing calculation = No)

The sums of on the salesorder entity itself were then displayed correctly.
However now the salesoderdetails amount values (extendedamount and baseamount) are missing , which are set in the DTS and were set correctly before changing the setting.

Did anyone encounter some similar behavior (could also be the case in invoices and quotes)?

Posted by Friedhelm W. on Oct 6 2015 9:47AM { U4641 , F9 , T4126 , C12333 }

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