Cross table date diff and colouring help!

I’m trying to create a cross table that shows either red or green filled in priority boxes based on the time difference between 2 dates, while also based on priorities too. 

So for example:

Priority 1: date diff must not be >1 day

Priority 2: date diff must not be >2 days

Priority 3: date diff must not be >3 days

And so on..



Start date        End date           Priority

May 1, 2018     May 3, 2018     1 (box filled in green)

May 1, 2018     May 2, 2018     3 (box filled in green)

May 3, 2018    May 8, 2018.     2 (box filled in red)


When I go to the properties of the cross table, all I have available is “axis colour”. Would it be easier if I create a calculated column that shows the date difference for each row?

Would something like this be possible and easier with a heat map visualization instead?


Thank you

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