Cross Table Freezes and Crashes Spotfire

Hello Friends,

When I insert a Cross Table based on a SSAS Cube - the Spotfire  freezes...

My guess it's because it is trying to show some default layout and it happes to choose a dimension with millions of members (I do have one but never use it for charts or crosstabs, only for drillthrough) for Y Axis

How do I build a Cross Table without it trying to choose a layout by default?

I even tryed to first insert a chart visualisation (it works fine), then there chose some dimensions with few members (also works fine) and then right-click --> switch visualization to Cross Table, hoping it'll stick with those dimensions.... No success - still freezes.

Please help




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How much memory in the computer? Also check patch/hotfix levels are up to date.
wirlybird - Nov 12, 2015 - 8:01am ::
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