Cumulative Sum involving 2 tables

Hello All,

I have a report where I am plotting lines from 2 different tables in a single chart. Table A has data until last month (November)  and other table B will have data for all the months in 2017 and also data from 2018 because this is planning data. 

Table B is my main table in this chart. My X-Axis is coming from Date columns from table B. One of the lines (Green Line) in the attached chart is from Table A.

Data looks fine but I do not want to plot data point for December for this Green Line as there is no data for this column in Table A. Here is the formula (Cumulative Sum) I used for plotting this Green Line:

UniqueCount([A].[ID]) THEN Sum([Value]) OVER (AllPrevious([Axis.X])) as [B Needs helps with]

I want to get ride of data point for december in this chart or for that matter any date which doesn't exists in Table A. Please help.




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