Current Security Context from Java Code on Spotfire Core Server 7.6


We need to get current end user login from Java code running in Spotfire Core Server 7.6 tomcat process.

We are developing custom JDBC driver and we need to know which user is currently sends request.

We need that to enforce security and to limit access to specific tables.

Current data flow:

1. User opens template from WebPlayer via Core

2. WP renders template

3. Template uses information link datasource, which uses our JDBC driver.

4. WP queries Core Server back for data

5. Core creates connection and executes request

6. Our JDBC driver receives request.

7. Driver wants to know who is the user that opened template on step 1.


According to API there is SecurityContext, but there is no way to get it.


I have already tried:

1. (ServletRequestAttributes) RequestContextHolder.getRequestAttributes(), which returns NULL.


Thank you very much!

Any help is appreciated.


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