Custom Axis Tick Marks and Labels (Spotfire)

I have a line graph with y-axis values between 0 and 1 which has a log scale. I've formatted the y-axis labels to display percent (0% - 100%) and set the min and max range values to 0 and 1.1 (max value of 1.0 will not display the 100% label for some reason.) This line graph updates dynamically based upon filter settings and a data function that creates a new data table from which the visualization gets its data.

Problem: When the line graph dynamically updates, the tick mark values and labels also update. I don't want this to happen. I want specific tick mark values to be displayed whenever the line graph updates.

Question: How do I set specific y-axis tick mark values and labels to be displayed on the line chart at all times?

Note: The x-axis is allowed to change (in fact, I have the maximum x-axis value set to a property that the user is allowd to change with a property control.)

Thank you for your input.

(2) Answers