Custom Sorting in spotfire filters break when viewing dashboard in other Regional language (Danish,Swedish etc)


While viewing the dashboard in web player, the custom sorting on the months break out and the it sorts the values in the alphabetical order when running in Danish or some other regional language.

We have the month sorts in the sequence of Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar and so go, but when viewing in other language it converts that into regional language and sorts it alphabetically.

That showcases that custom sorting breaks out when running it in some other language except english.As shared in the attached file, the months are getting cpnverted and then getting sorted, I just need them to be sorted in the sorting define in the dashboard, it runs absolutely fine in english language.

Or is there any way where in we can restrict the browser settings not to pick browser regional settings and on exporting it to excel the data should be in danish format only.

I would really be thankful, if any one of you could suggest the ways to resolve this issue.


Thanks in Advance !!



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