Customize normalizations?

Hi all,

In my continuing contracting position, I am being given large data files.

The most recent data files are being provided as lists of chemicals, with columns of values indicating experimental output, e.g.,

Name, Output 1,    Output 2,    Output 3

E2,      1,000,000, 10,000,       1,000,000

I have 37 of these files, with the number of columns ranging from 4 per file to 48 per file.

Each output column needs to be transformed, according to management, by the following:

-Log10[Output1] + 6

I'd like to do this as a normalization step because then it is easy to handle all relevant output columns during one easy step, rather than having to do calculate new column, type in a column name, etc., ad infinitum.

Is there any way to build a custom normalization step into Spotfire?

Thanks all,