Data function (python script) does not output to datatable properly

Hi Community,

I have a Spotfire 10.2 dashboard that uses a data function, based upon the Cutom Python Package for Spotfire. The script is basically using an input an an output value. The output is loaded into a data table.

When we execute the script (Python 3.7.1 based), nothing really happens although we see the processing taking place. But the output data table remains unchanged. The same is true when we run the data function via an iron python script.

The only way we have to change the output, is to go back into the data function's parameters' output tab and reconfirm we want to change the data table. But as this is a cumbersome and user unfriendly operation, we rather not give to our users.

We checked that a data function on R is working properly though. Though it seems as it has something to do with Python. The reason we use python, is that we have to decrypt an encrypted file (python was used to encrypt), using a couple of keys and then output the decrypted file into a data table. This works really well (the decrypting part), but not for the output part.

Do you have any ideas what is the problem? I have added a dummy dashboard added, which does basically the same, but with the same problem.

Kind regards,

David Boot-Olazabal


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