Data Limiting using Multiple Dropdowns

I have a spotfire dashboard with two dropdown lists, one for Day and one for Month, that I want to use to limit the data of visualizations.

I need to be able to apply both filters at the same time. I currently have a case statement written out to do this however case statements by default stop evaluating expressions when they reach a true statement. For example below, I have the statements for the MonthSelector on top, it does not continue to evaluate past that to the DaySelector. 


when "${MonthSelector}"="all" then [Month] <> ''

when "${MonthSelector}"<>"all" then [Month] = "${MonthSelector}"

when "${DaySelector}"="all" then [Week_Day] <> ''

when "${DaySelector}"="WeekDay" then [Week_Day] <> 'Saturday' and [Week_Day] <> 'Sunday'

when "${DaySelector}"="WeekEnd" then [Week_Day] = 'Saturday' OR [Week_Day] = 'Sunday'

when "${DaySelector}"<>"WeekEnd" AND "${DaySelector}"<>"WeekDay" AND "${DaySelector}"<>"all" then [Week_Day] = "${DaySelector}"

else false end

I need assistance in either somehow getting spotfire to continue evaluating the case statement past the first true, or another way of writing a data limiting expression that will limit data based on both dropdowns simultaneously.

I am at a loss, any help will be appreciated.

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