December 2011 Update

Scribe recently released the December 2011 update of Scribe Online. This KB article provides details for this update.


Important: For existing users, Scribe Online will automatically update your Scribe Online Agent. For information about Scribe Online Agent updates, see Updating an Agent ( in the Scribe Online Help.


New Features & Improvements:


  • A New User Interface: This update includes a new user interface which makes Scribe Online more intuitive and provides many features typically associated with client applications, such as drag and drop, right-click menus, dynamic data presentation, and implicit double-click behavior.
  • More stringent password requirements: To help protect your data, Scribe has implemented more stringent password requirements. For existing users, you can continue to use your old password; however, when you update your password, it must meet the new requirements. For information, see Strong Passwords (
  • Scribe Online Integration Services (IS): The update makes available a second Solution offering in addition to Scribe Online Replication Services (RS). Scribe Online IS allows you to build point-to-point integrations between a source and a target system, with advanced capabilities including:
  • Built-in net change logic. When configuring your Source Connection, select whether to process all records, or only those records that meet specified net change criteria.
  • Source field filtering. See Filtering Source Data (
  • Field-level transformations including drag and drop linking.
  • Built-in integration design patterns for typical integration scenarios
  • Automatic resolution of foreign keys on the Source
  • Over 50 built-in functions with inline help. See Functions (
  • Robust formula editor with sophisticated syntax checking. See Formula Editor (
  • Intelligent data type conversion. See Data Conversion (
  • Real time identification of errors and warnings during the design phase, allowing you to fix potential errors without running an integration.
  • Import/Export capability for data maps. See Exporting And Importing Maps (
  • Lookup tables: Allows you to map fields between a source and a target system when the two systems use differing values for those fields. See Lookup Tables (
  • Support for additional operating system versions: The December 2011 update adds support for Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition, Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition, Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition, and Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition.


Bug Fixes:

This release resolves the following issues:



  • Metadata is now retrieved more quickly from the source system. When creating a Scribe Online RS system, earlier versions of Scribe Online could take 3 to 4 minutes to retrieve the list of tables on Step 5 (which allows you to choose which entities to replicate). With the December 2011 update, the retrieval should be notably faster.
  • The Disconnect Method is now being called by integration processes (Customer Ticket 43344) -- Process definitions did not call the Connectors Disconnect Method at completion. This issue reported by a third party developer while developing a Scribe Online RS Connector. To verify this behavior, set debug = true in the agent config file. After a replication job, the agent log now contains the following disconnect message: " Title:SQL Connector Message: Entering the Disconnect method Title:Dynamics CRM Connector Message: Leaving the Disconnect method"
  • Replication no longer generate the following error: " The given key was not present in the dictionary" (Customer Ticket #43062). The Scribe Online Agent has been modified so that, if the " Run Now" command is received before the solution instance event information, the agent will handle this sequencing properly.


Known Issues:

The following are known issues in the December 2011 update.


Scribe Online Solutions:

-When you open a Filter dialog box (by clicking on the funnel icon), and then click on any drop-down field to display a list, the list appears outside of the Filter dialog. Moreover, in the Fields tab of the Manage Maps window, the Formula column may be truncated.


-We have intermittently observed situations in which, when clicking on the command buttons of the Manage Invitations or Invite Users dialogs, the Scribe Online application page is disabled (i.e., all navigation links are grayed out). To resolve this situation, simply refresh the browser page to get back to Scribe Online.


-Several customers have reported the following error when retrieving data from certain entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Message: Unable to get the next page of data. Dynamics CRM has not advanced the page cookie for Entity

Microsoft has acknowledged that this is a defect in the Dynamics CRM SDK (Microsoft ticket REG:211091677078113001). Please contact Scribe support or, alternatively, Microsoft support directly if you encounter this issue.


Issues with Scribe Online IS:


-In the IS Solution Wizard, if you create a new Connection to a large-schema database (>1,000 tables with corresponding field and relationship properties), you may see the following error " Unable to retrieve metadata…" while loading the entities/tables for this Connection. Wait for a minutes or two to allow the metadata for this Connection to load; then reselect the Connection in the Map screen. This issue will be addressed in the update to Scribe Online.

Scribe Online SYS currently only supports synchronizing data from SQL tables which are contained by the logged in user's default schema for that database. If you wish to connect to a database with tables contained by multiple schemas (such as dbo.account, or , create multiple Connection in Scribe Online using multiple users, one with a default schema for each of the schemas you need to use. When you define Maps using these Connections, you will only see the entities associated with the default owner of those entities for this Connection. As such, you may need to define multiple Maps within your SYS Solution Instance when synchronizing entities with multiple default owners. This issue will be addressed in the next update to Scribe Online.


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