Define inputs for On-Demand Data Table through IronPython scripting.

Hi All,

I'm trying to define input for datetime columns for On-demand data table through iron python scripting. 

What I'm exactly trying to do is -

- Making a drop down with two types of date selection option(Date A and Date B). There I'm having a document property which records the selected option.

- If Date A option is selected from drop down then I'll assign input to Date A through expression (IF $(DateSelection)=A then MIN([Load_date]) end) and for maximum date (IF $(DateSelection)=A then max([Load_date]) end). Similarly for Date B option as well.

- As soon as I'm selecting an option from drop down, nothing is getting filtered. I tried placing a script as well ( table.Refresh() ) in case the data needs a reload. Still No success. Am i doing something wrong here ??

I couldn't find much on to achieve this Iron Python Scripting. Does anybody have any idea on how to do it ?

Thanks in Advance :)


- Sonal


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