Delayed Release taking longer time to process the request in case of Batch Upload.

Hi All,

We are facing an issue in iprocess that in case of batch upload approx 5000 Case ,iprocess is taking 1 hr 45 min to process the bacth.

Process Flow:  

Case Start-->EAI BW Step-->EAI BW Step-->EAI BW Step-->First Mannual Step.

Initially the cases reached the manual step in 5-10 secs but slowy the time taken to process the cases increases and reaches to 15-20 mins.

While checking the audit trails we can see that EAI BW calls process time increases.

BW service are not taking much time and are completed in less then 1 sec but the delayed release call takes lot of time to process the request

Please check the audit trail below:

2012-03-19 14:47:53 - "EAI call-out initiated ("EAI_BW")
2012-03-19 15:02:36 - "EAI Call" released

We can't see any other bottleneck.

PlLease sugggest if any tuning is required in iporcess in case of batch process.