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On demand data table loading issues with SAP HANA

Hello All,

I have 2 views, view A &B. View B is ondemand view with input parameters, which will take input from View A.

I have created filtering scheme from View A.

When I am loading data for view B, by providing input from View A's column, I am getting error :

"Multiple (2) values given to the named parameter IP_YEAR_NUMBER which doesn't support it. "

"Multiple (2) values given to the named parameter IP_CALL_SIGN which doesn't support it. "

But When I am hardcoding values i am getting correct values. ('2015','2016' )

Can anyone please help me on this.. Thank you...

Note : We are keeping data table external, so few functions like Uniqueconcatenate & others are not working. Input parameter passing to HANA in this format - '''2015'',''2016'''


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