On-Demand by multiple values


I know how to do an on-Demand query for which the input is a StringList Document Property.  The problem is the only way i know how to populate the StringList Document Property is from a existing column, or fixed values (not user provided values)

What i would like to learn, is how to set the StringList document Property from a user Entered values in a Input Field (Multiple Lines).

So, the user would have a Input Field (Multiple Lines), they would enter several values such as



Value 3


Then a script would take their values, populate them as a StringList document Property, which the On-Demand query would use.

So i'm just looking for a script that will take the string property (with LF delimiters) and use it to populate a StringList doc property.  Hope that is clear?

Or If there is a easier way to take a user defined list of values from a multi-line input into a On-Demand let me know!

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