Deobfuscate/Decrypt namevaluepairpassword in GV file

Question: Can we deobfuscate tag in pair in the global variables file. This value tag contains an obfuscated password which starts with characters "#!" for connections to external services or applications.


The Internet says that, it can be deobfuscated/decrypted by implementing the Java code @:


Tibco installation guide contains a section on Obfuscate utility which Tibco uses to obfuscate passwords. This sections says:

"Passwords encrypted using Obfuscate Utility cannot be decrypted. Ownership is with customers to remember passwords in clear text. There is no utility provided by TIBCO to decrypt passwords encrypted using Obfuscate Utility."


I haven't tried implementing the above mentioned Java code myself. But wanted to get a view from the experts here, to understand whether it is theoretically possible to deobfuscate these passwords.


Thank you in advance. Cheers!!!

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