Difference between Access and Browse + Access?

Dear TIBCO Community follower,

May I kindly ask you for your thouhts, please. We encountered the following problem:

We have a report with sensitive data and we want to show the viewers (consumers) ONLY the aggregated view without any details (without direct views in the tables). When we wanted to set-up authorization we noticed:

-> we gave users ONLY Access rights to the folder/report. This was NOK, it didn't work for the user via web-player.

-> we gave the same user Browse + Access rights to the report. This was OK, it worked for the user via web-player. This, however, introduced another problem: users with analyst rights (professional rights) could explore more in the report and see the content of the tables (that was not the intention).

Is it possible to give end-user ONLY Access rights to the report (folder) or we always need to set-up his access with Browse + Access rights?

The report was created on an info-link. The user has access rights to data source, access to data model and access rights to info-link.

Do you have any tips how to solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance for your answers.

Kind Regards, Jelena



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