Difference between Application Adapter and Data Connector

This is a frequently asked question and here is a short answer.....

An application adapter is software that you develop that uses the OpenSpirit SDK. The OpenSpirit SDK exposes a number of services including:

  • Data Service- discover data sources, connect to a data source and then read or write data via the data source's native data model or via the OpenSpirit common model.
  • Coordinate Service - find predefined EPSG coordinate systems or construct your own custom system. You may also do coordinate transformations between enginnering, projection, and geograghic systems
  • Unit Service - find unit catalogs, units, and unit systems and do unit conversions
  • Event Service- send or receive OpenSpirit events (e.g. data selection, cursor tracing, etc..)  in order to  enable applications to interact
  • Metamodel - discover the entities, relationships, and attributes in the native or OpenSpirit common data models
  • User Preference- store and retrieve user preferences (e.g. session definitions)
  • Security - manage credentials that may be required to access data stores (e.g. db account/passwords)

A data connector is software that OpenSpirit develops to provide access to data in a specific datastore via the OpenSpirit data service.  A data connector must translate how the data store represents units and coordinate system and normally does a model mapping into the OpenSpirit common model.  We do not currently offer a SDK to build custom data connectors. We currently offer data connectors for various versions of:

  • OpenWorks
  • GeoFrame
  • Kingdom
  • Finder
  • PPDM
  • ArcSDE
  • EPOS
  • Recall
  • Petra
  • Managed SEGY