Difference between "Edit Text Area" mode and "Edit HTML" mode.


Can someone please help to understand with below issues ?

When the property controls are created using Edit Text area and then if action controls ( buttons) are added along with the scripts, it's fine if you save it using HTML Editor. But for some reason if you want to add extra buttons using Edit Text Area, your HTML/CSS code is altered/gone.

Also, when you save it using Edit HTML, for example if you create Filter Slider section ( not from the Spotfire Property Control ) to maximize the space utilisation using HTML, CSS and Java script like the one explained in details at : http://www.themeswild.com/read/slide-navigation-left-to-right, It will create a slider filter section, plus it will create the blank text area. If you close/delete that additional looking blank text area, it will delete the Slider Filter too. So, we have to manually change the size of the blank text area to smaller. 

How to prevent or fix both the issues ?


Thank You.